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Progressive Acts supports emerging candidates who want to run with the support of their communities, not special interests

Progressive Acts is the first European tool dedicated exclusively to political crowdfunding and volunteering

Progressive Acts is grounded on transparency, progressive values and a Europe-wide ambition

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Progressive Acts is a not for profit organization. We exist to empower innovative candidates, spark change and renew political representation on the progressive side.

Make a difference, start running!

"Democracy is a matter of power. We need to join forces to reshape the form of the society we will live in. That’s why Progressive Acts matters.”
Davide Agazzi
Activist and policy maker
"Tools like Progressive Acts are why Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Bernie Sanders beat all expectations. It’s nothing short of revolutionary."
Jessica Shearer
Principal Strategist
Social Changes, Inc.
“Human rights and democracy are under threat. Those who peddle hate and fear have gained too much ground. Platforms like Progressive Acts are key to reverse this trend”
Iverna McGowan
Campaigner and Advocate
for Human Rights
"Tools and platforms like Progressive Acts empower people to stand up, connect, get involved, and create change. That is crucial for forging a better future together."
Omri Preiss
Activist and Campaigner, Alliance for Europe