Mobilising your community
has never been so easy!

Set up your campaign in minutes and start receiving donations and volunteering offers

Easy to create candidate page to start receiving donations and volunteering.

Transparency, compliance with political financing rules and data protection made easy.

Not just another crowdfunding site. A platform built with politics in mind.

Already a candidate

Use the full potential of your Progressive Acts: set up your crowdfunding and volunteering page, share it on social media and via email to mobilise your community. Receive donations safely and securely, get offers from volunteers and supporters of your candidature for both online and offline engagement.

Thinking to run

With Progressive Acts you can test the waters and check if your network is ready to support you. Set up your page and get pledges for donations and volunteering. You will mobilise your community early on so it is ready to act the moment you declare your candidature.


Landing pages

Easy to set up candidate page with autonomous content management. We are here to help candidates spreading their own message.


Candidates can set fundraising goals to show what they need to get their campaign off the ground.

Social media optimization

Candidates and backers can share campaigns on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Whatsapp, mobilise your community.


Mobile optimisation for political engagement ‘on the go’.

on your page

So that communities can show their support, endorse those they believe in and help expanding candidate’s networks.

Analytics at your fingertips

Key data on your donations and page visiting to optimise your messaging and targeting

Transparency and accountability

Candidates can easily inform donors how their money was used, send back receipts, engage after the election is over to explain how they are turning community engagement into politics.

And many more in the pipeline...

Legal compliance

Norms on electoral finance vary enormously across Europe, so while we cannot ensure compliance for candidates, we can help. Through Progressive Acts candidates can set the parameters they need the most, including maximum donation, geographical and nationality limitations.
In most European countries legal entities are not permitted to finance candidates or political parties. Through Progressive Acts, candidates will receive directly from donors as they make the donation. We only ask for a small fee to keep the platform running smoothly and to constantly improve it.

Social campaigns

Pages on Progressive Acts are built to be integrated with candidates’ social media presence and easily shared via email. Mobilising communities has never been so easy.

Privacy at its core

We value the importance of privacy and have done our outmost to minimise the data we request and to ensure our operations are compliant with data protection norms.

Our fees?

Progressive Acts is no profit at its core. We care about expanding opportunities for innovative candidates to run, not about earning money and distributing dividends. However, we need funding to run the operation and constantly improve:


goes straight to the candidate, to help them winning elections

1.4% + €0.25

1.4% of the donation plus a €0.25 flat fee goes to Stripe Connect that processes secure online transactions


is for the Progressive Acts platform: to maintain and constantly improve it