Find a match to your ideas
and get involved

We want to help individuals and communities to act and support candidates they believe in through a secure and transparent system

Connect with candidates you believe in to help them win and make a difference.

Transparency and accountability to rebuild trust in politics and fight special interests.

The power of grassroots to give a chance to unconnected candidates representing their communities.

Want to make a difference?

Countless Europeans want to engage and make a difference in their communities but have lost their trust in politics. We want to help rebuild trust by linking citizens and candidates directly.

Through Progressive Acts you will be able to explore candidates throughout Europe. Support them by donating, endorsing and volunteering for them. Share your engagement online and offline. Help them win elections using the power of grassroots organization.



Search function to look up for active candidates and elections. Individual pages to gain an insight what they stand for.


a shared set of values to ensure that all candidates using Progressive Acts believe in some basic common goals to advance societies at all governance level.

social media

Share candidate’s pages on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Whatsapp. Help them broaden their network of support.


We use Stripe - a trusted and secure payment gateway with global reach

Transparency and accountability

Candidates will inform donors on their pages how their money was used, send back receipts, engage after the election is over to explain how they are turning community engagement into politics.


Want to go the extra mile: endorsing a candidate has never been so easy. Show your support on the candidate’s page when donating.

And many more in the pipeline...

A commitment to privacy

At Progressive Acts we believe in the value of privacy. We will never use your data for shady purposes and we minimise the data we ask for to the minimum necessary to run our operations. We strive to be compliant with the most stringent norms and we will never sell your personal data to anyone.

Our fees?

Progressive Acts is no profit at its core. We care about expanding opportunities for innovative candidates to run, not about earning money and distributing dividends. However, we need funding to run the operation and constantly improve:


goes straight to the candidate, to help them winning elections

1.4% + €0.25

1.4% of the donation plus a €0.25 flat fee goes to Stripe Connect that processes secure online transactions


is for the Progressive Acts platform: to maintain and constantly improve it