Progressive Acts
is more than a simple tech tool.

We invigorate the relationship between citizens and candidates around progressive values

Values we believe in

Progressive Acts helps candidates emerge across the wider progressive community. Instead we offer a tool to a wide range of national and local candidates who are ready to subscribe to a set of basic values that – in our view – are the essence of “progressivism” in today’s Europe:

Social, human and civil rights

At the core of a more equal society, with an ambitious agenda for fair redistribution of resources, collective protection rights in the workplace, extensive investment in education, gender equality, and universal support for disadvantaged citizens and groups ;

An inclusive economic policy

Aimed at sustaining job creation and promoting innovation and socially responsible production chains, also with facilitation provided by the State.

An open, inclusive and tolerant society

Combining the recognition and support of cultural identities with the defence of diversity and the promotion of dialogue;

The fight against climate change

By getting to a 100% sustainable energy system as soon as possible and by promoting a carbon-free and circular economy with the aim of protecting our planet, all its citizens and future generations;

A fair and sustainable trade and financial system

Which puts at its centre local communities, workers and the environment and pursues the fight against corruption, tax evasion and tax havens;  

Further integration and democratisation  of Europe

As the future lies in a strong and vibrant European democracy empowered to tackle global challenges and address citizens’ and societal problems;

Independence from shady interests

Transparency and personal accountability by running electoral campaigns that are based on the grassroots and communities.

A commitment we take seriously

Upon registering on Progressive Acts, candidates commit themselves to campaign on these values and push through a consistent political agenda, once elected. Progressive Acts will monitor candidates’ coherence through the help of their own supporters and communities who can flag if they believe a candidate is not respecting this pledge.

If we have reasons to believe that indeed a candidate is not being true to our values Progressive Acts will suspend and remove the corresponding campaigns.

Supporting change
in politics

Progressive Acts aims to help to renew representative bodies across Europe by helping a new and innovative group of progressive candidates.

For this reason, Progressive Acts is only open to first or second time candidates running for the same office or primaries.

For example if you are a candidate running for the third time to be Member of your own National Parliament you will not be able to use Progressive Acts as we do believe you already have an extensive network that can help and support you. However if after being a national Member of Parliament you have decided to run as Member of the European Parliament you are welcome to use the site!

Seriously transparent

Progressive Acts is committed to enhance the transparency and accountability of elections. This is why no anonymous donation will be allowed on the platform.

Candidates are also requested to be transparent with their backers by posting a report on the use of the donations received. See here a sample of our transparency form.

Protecting personal data

Progressive Acts has put in place all the safeguards in order to ensure the highest possible level of protection of donors’ individual data. We commit on surveilling that personal data are used, upon user’s consent, only for the purposes they are subscribing to.

Candidates as recipients of the same data undertake to do the same through a dedicated agreement they have with Progressive Acts . Click here to know more.